Lean In Circles / Lean In圈子


Circles are small peer groups that meet regularly to learn and share together. We can achieve more together than we can on our own. 

Lean In圈子是由年龄相仿的女性组成的定期会面进行学和分享的小组。小组成员协作和互相支持的力量会比单独一个人取得更多收获。

What’s a Circle? / 什么是Lean In圈子?

A Circle is a small group of 6-10 women that meets at least once a month to set and track personal and professional goals, encourage and support each other, troubleshoot problems, and celebrate successes. The relationships formed in the Circle provide a foundation for confidential, honest, intimate discussion where all members are invested in the long-term development of their individual and group potential. From our own experience in a Circle, we know that being surrounded by talented, ambitious, smart, kind women provides the support and inspiration to “lean in” more fully to our own ambitions.

Lean In 圈子通常由6-10名女性组成,成员至少每月会面一次,设定个人和职业目标并鼓励支持彼此为之努力。成员互助解决难题,记录成长、庆祝成就。圈子内成员间的友谊为真诚、亲密和对外保密的讨论提供了基础,令所有成员能为自己和小组潜力的长期发展投入努力。从我们自己圈子的经验来看,我们发现被富有才华和志向、聪慧而善良的女性围绕会为我们提供更多支持和灵感,推动我们朝着目标和梦想“向前一步”。


What Do Circles Do? / Lean In圈子都做些什么?

Around the world, Circles provide a space for women to learn and explore together. Most Circles choose to alternate between “education” and “exploration” meetings. An “education” meeting is one in which Circle members work together to learn a new skill or sharpen existing talents. This kind of meeting can involve some preparation before the meeting, like watching a short lecture or video or completing a more “hands-on” challenge. An “exploration” meeting asks Circle members to examine their own personal and professional goals, and reflect on their progress towards reaching these goals.

目前在全球,Lean In圈子大多是女性共同探索和学习的场所。圈子会议有“教育”和“探索”两种形式,往往隔次举行。在“教育”会议上,成员将共同学习一项技能或强化已有的技能。此类会议也许包括会前准备,如听取短讲座、看视频或亲自现场学习等。“探索”会议则要求圈子成员审视个人和职业目标,并反思是否在朝着目标的方向有所进步。


Circle Resources / 圈子的资源

LeanIn.org provides English language “Circle Kits” for women to use in guiding these meetings. You can view these materials here. We’ve also developed bilingual abridged versions of the Kickoff Meeting, Education, and Exploration meeting kits, which you can download.


Also, we continue to encourage the establishment of Lean In College chapters in universities across China. We have also created Lean In College circle kits, which you can download.

同时,我们将持续鼓励全国各地的校园组建Lean In College分会。我们还制作了Lean In College圈子向导, 你可以下载.


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