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Lean In Beijing in the China Daily

After our Kickoff Event yesterday, Lean In Beijing was featured in The China Daily today! You can check out the article here.      

13 Mar 2016
Lean In Organizing Team

Our Lean In Beijing Team

In April 2013, a young Chinese woman working at a State Owned Enterprise in Beijing passed along her copy of Lean In to her close friend, an American also working in Beijing. The book struck a deep chord with the two young women, who as friends had discussed their career and family ambitions but were

13 Mar 2016
Lean In Beijing Kickoff

Event: Lean In Kickoff

An wonderful afternoon of discovery and discussion! In 2013, Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In encouraged women to “lean in” to their ambitions. The Lean In organization that she founded encourages women to form “Circles” of 6-10 other women for shared growth and support. Currently, there are over 7,000 Circles of women helping each other “lean

13 Mar 2016

News: Beijing Lean In Organization in Women of China

Lean In Beijing appeared on the Women of China English language website (中国妇女(英文)网). The site is part of the All-China Women’s Federation  (中华全国妇女联合会).

17 Oct 2013

News: China’s Women Professionals Challenge Workplace Inequality

The South China Morning Post ran an article about women forming support groups throughout China to help combat workplace inequality:

13 Oct 2013
Women in Journalism

News: Chinese Women Still Seek a Seat at the Table

Today The Atlantic published an article about Lean In in China.  The article was written by our friend Roseann Lake, who is writing a book on China’s “leftover women” and does an awesome cartoon called Chaoji Shengnv.

07 Oct 2013

News: Lean On Me

Lean in Beijing was featured today in the Global Times:

28 Sep 2013
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