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Women in Journalism

Event: Women in Journalism x Lean In Beijing

Lean In Beijing for “Women in Journalism x Lean In Beijing” this Sunday, September 15th from 2 to 4.30pm at the Bookworm in Sanlitun.

This event was for female reporters, women with previous experience in journalism, and/or women passionate about journalism.  We aimed to create an inspiring and collaborative network of female reporters, and to engage in a productive conversation about journalism China, and the challenges that female reporters face.

This event featured a speaker panel that led us in sharing about being a woman in journalism. Our confirmed speakers are:

Marsha Cooke- CBS Asia Bureau Chief

Helen Gao- Chinese freelance writer for NYT and the Atlantic

Mia Li- a stand-up comic and a news researcher at the NYT

Xin En Lee- writer for the Straits Times

Following the panel, we participated in an energetic, collaborative discussion. We broke into groups and discuss questions related to gender and media. This article as food for thought! 

We invited female reporters from various publications – foreign and Chinese- and we also reached out to journalism majors at universities in the area, so it was an interesting mix of people. 





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