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Lean In Beijing team member Virgi talks to interested university students.

Lean In Tsinghua Campus Kick Off

It was when I first started Lean In Tsinghua that I begin to fully understand the Chinese proverb, “A just cause enjoys abundant support.”

From my first interactions with the women from Lean in Beijing, my own decision to start Lean In Tsinghua, the interview process to work with the team, and then our own final established team of eight, I have been constantly encouraged and supported by others.

In order to make our vision better understood by the women on Tsinghua’s campus, we held our Lean In Tsinghua Kick Off event November 29 in the Weilin Building—which was a hit! Centered around the theme, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” we collected and photographed answers from Tsinghua women two weeks before the event. Within a week, every single photo received over 3,000 hits online. On the big day, three founders from Lean In Beijing and over 60 college women from various majors, including some from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Sport University, and Central University of Finance and Economics, participated in the event.

Guests from Lean In Beijing started the event by introducing the origin and vision of Lean In, followed by Lean In Tsinghua talking about our campus team, our prospects and our plan going forward. After introducing the concept of a Lean In circle, all the participants present were divided randomly into teams to simulate an “Exploration Meeting” by discussing various topics based on the cards drew by each person from the deck.

Later, the event received a number of positive responses, especially the simulation, which participants told us helped them realize they were not alone in many circumstances and made them feel supported—some participants even shed tears while telling personal stories.

After the event, quite a few women at Tsinghua have embarked on forming their own circles. Lean In Tsinghua as a whole hopes that we will be able to incubate more circles, function as the central platform to link different circles together, and share experiences and resources.




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