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News: Beijing Starts to “Lean In”

Lean In Beijing is mentioned in Bloomberg Businessweek, and some of our members are quoted in the article:

Zhang [Jingru] says she only recently learned of Sandberg’s book, but “when someone popped the idea of having a circle of our university girls in Beijing, I immediately said yes.” That circle is part of Lean In Beijing, which now has a couple of dozen members in China’s capital. Mengfei Chen, another Lean In Beijing member who works in event organizing, points out that many young people in China struggle to apply their parents’ advice to their own situations. “They didn’t get to choose their majors, and they were assigned to their first jobs right out of school,” she says. “There are so many more choices now.”

Lean In Beijing got started, but its founding members got a big psychological boost when Sheryl Sandberg met with them on Sept. 12 during her recent trip to China.

See the article on the Bloomberg Businessweek site here or click here for the PDF version.



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