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Sheryl Sandberg

What Started It All: Sheryl Sandberg TED Talk

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s talk at the 2010 TED WOMEN’s conference on “Why we have too few women leaders” has now been watched more than 3,870,000 times. That was the beginning of the Lean In movement which has stormed the world.

In that speech, Sandberg points out that our generation of women is lucky to be born in a world where most of us have basic civil rights and job opportunities that our mothers and grandmothers didn’t.

But, she says, there is still a huge problem: the reality is, women rarely get to leadership positions in almost any industry– in the corporate sector, the numbers top out at 15, 16% and even in non-profits the proportion of women leaders is just 20%.

What’s more, women have to face harder choices between personal success and professional fulfillment. In the US, for example, 2/3 of male senior managers had children compared to only 1/3 of female senior managers.

Sheryl put forward 3 proposals for women who want to lean in and stay in the workplace:

1)   Sit at the table. Don’t underestimate yourself. Go after opportunities and negotiate for yourself.

2)    Make your partner a real partner: if you have children, share responsibilities.

3)    Do not leave before you leave. Put the pedal to the medal until the day you have to go on maternity leave.



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