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Work, Women, and Happiness: A Survey

China is a fascinating, but challenging place to be a woman. Decades ago, Mao declared Chinese women “hold up half the sky” and should be equal to men. Even though overall employment of women in China is high, in China’s cities women lose out when competing with men. And China’s population and economic policies have given rise to new pressures and roles for women. Even though there are more single men than women in China, they are at opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum; smart, career oriented women face tremendous pressure to avoid becoming “sheng nv” or “leftover women.”

To learn more about the China experience, our Lean In team launched a survey on work, happiness, and the roles of women in society in August 2013. Our survey is designed to help us:

  • Obtain information about the roles that women play in the household and workplace in China;

  • Understand the goals and needs that these women have and the challenges that they face, both at work and in society;

  • Identify resources that can better help women in China to achieve their goals and overcome challenges; and

  • Build a Lean In platform and incubate Lean In Circles that can better serve the needs of the Chinese community, based on information gathered through the survey.

Thus far, we had collected over 500 responses. We released a full survey report in late fall 2013. To receive a copy of the full survey report, please sign up for our mailing list.


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